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Name: Kristan Rose Black
Age: 22
Family: Parents and younger brother, she rarely sees them these days
Religion: Atheist
Appearance: Kristan is fairly tall for a woman with long, slightly messy waves of dark blonde hair and brown eyes, though she wears green contact lenses to look more striking. She wears all manner of dark colors with small light accents here and there, mostly long dresses or fitted slacks with blouses.

Favorite foods: Dark chocolate, pumpernickel bread
Least favorite food: Scallops
Cooking skills: C, though she'll only cook for Morgan
Best recipe: Stuffed mushrooms, dark chocolate fondue

Height: 5'6
Bust size: B
State of bedroom: Mostly neat, especially her notebooks and fannish collections. She keeps a meticulous eye on those and will hurt you if she thinks you laid a hand on them.
Nightwear: Long black satin nightgown with matching robe.
Underwear: Silk or lace bras and panties in dark colors.
Relationship Status: Morgan Classified.
Virgin? No, she did have a few boyfriends.

Kristan is a very severe and cryptic woman who favors all things dark. She's one of those types of villain fans and shippers, latching onto the bad guys and bashing the living daylights out of the heroes. The only "good" characters she likes are ones she views as easily corruptible, easy to sway over to the dark side-especially if they can be paired with villains.

Though she seems imposing upon first glance, her skin's pretty thin. Not to Essie or Angela levels, but she will burst into melodramatics and storms off vowing revenge if you press her buttons hard enough. Which really isn't that hard. She tends to go running to Morgan for comfort when things don't go her way, and Morgan is all too happy to oblige. (Sound familiar?)


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